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September 30, 2006



Always interesting to read books about mental processes. Thanks for reviewing it, Jon, I surely will have to look out for it.

On a side note: When are you coming to Asia?

Jon Strande

Andreas, my pleasure! It was a good book!

Not sure about the Asia trip, that got put on hold until (possibly) the beginning of 2007, we'll see if happens and you'll be the first to know!

Thank you!



Thanks for an excellent review Jon and some nice added value too!

I mention Rapaille in the Brain Brand series because he confirmed many vague suspicions for me. After sittiing in countless board meetings or focus groups, it becomes obvious that ideas like "truth" are often very flexible compared to the concrete, limbic power of "feeling."

Rapaille can be a bit loopy at times but I hope that doesn't prevent folks from giving him a fair hearing. Like most of us, he doesn't have all the answers but there's a solid framework there that fits. If anything, he guides us to ask better informed questions and gain some fairly satisfying and simple answers on our own. Good stuff, Jon!

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