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September 05, 2006


Christopher grove

for the 'best after 2006 advice', if the wine was produced in 2006, then it will almost always be best left at least 1 year (as long as you can store it correctly). There are exceptions (in French wines a Beaujolais nouveau or a Gammay are what we call Primeurs, wines that are meant to be drunk young, because they don't age well), but most wines need to age.
Otherwise, a wine producer should have some idea of how long his wines can be kept for before they pass their prime, so they'll probably have informed the shop.
Actually, the photo made me think of an article that I'd seen elsewhere, I bet it's the same shop; the idea of organising wines by the type of meat that they can be eaten with is a great one!


Very cool way to give a customer a little knowledge in selecting the right bottle. I am sure with the help that is offered they will gain new customers and make some happy. Again very cool find!


I opened one of two bottles of '95 Brunello I bought for dinner guests... let it breath for couple of hours with just the cork out and it was perhaps the most seductive wines I have ever had.

Basically, the tannins which have a harsh taste have to mellow over time which allows the flavors to come through. If aged too long the wine will begin to taste acidy.

Jon Strande

Christopher, thank you for the tip! I tend to drink only two wines: Beaujolais and Chianti. My father (commenter DoD) had given me a few bottles from his travels and I haven't strayed far from those. I appreiciate the tip on the Beaujolais as that is what I've been drinking most of lately. The two main brands (are they called brands?) are Louis Jadot and Georges DuBoeuf Beaujolais Villages - how do those stack up? Also, does the 1-year rule apply?

Julian, yeah, Claire found a nice one there. I just grabbed it from her! ;-)

Dad, so when can I drink the BDM?


I'm so happy to hear that Bottlerocket is succeeding at sharing good information about wine. I would add that our hope is that buyers will then be able to make an informed and personally relevant decision. No more outsourcing the decision to someone you've just met. And if you have a little bit of fun, and hear some good music too, that's even better.

Come by and help us make it better. We're a big experiment and completely open to suggestions.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm. I really appreciate it.

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