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October 31, 2006



It’s really hard to get started with marketing and promoting your small business. It’s important to constantly remind your potential customers that your business is there. Keeping your company name and logo in the eyes of the consumer is expensive and difficult, but over time these investments really do payoff. If you are looking for some ideas on promotional products for your customers check out: http://www.theexecutiveadvertising.com they have thousands of promotional product ideas that you can browse through.

Remind your consumers that you are there is, a good example is Post Card and Letter Mailings, these are great but the secret is 1) Make sure that your take the time to design the letter or post cards that you are sending, and that your product is sellable to the consumers that you are marketing to. 2) Consistently market your company! If you are doing post card mailing for example make sure that you set goals for your mailings, for example send out 1,000 cards a week, or 2,000 cards a month. It takes time for you to get a response from your mailings. Look at http://www.theexecutivemailing.com

Stewart Switzer
Mortgage Loan Specialist

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