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November 01, 2006



Looks like a Grohe fixture. I have them in my house -- highly recommended!



Oh, to live the jet-set life! The funny thing is, only you and Boston brahmin like the evil JFK use thermometers to set your shower temps (and he has a servant do it for him). The rest of us shlubs just hold our hand under the water until it feels right. But it's a nice touch to make guests feel special. It demonstrates one of the keys to customer delight - surprise. You wouldn't have ever thought yourself deprived if you'd never had a temp gauge on your shower. Now all others will seem inferior (except for that Kohler 6-head job; that's almost like having your own personal phalanx of water servants! Even J F'in has got to admire that baby).

Nice picture of Tech dinghys, too!


John, cool, thank you for the detail! I appreciate it! I'm thinking that might be a nice gift for the wife!

Mike, a great touch for customers, and I was thinking that it doesn't even matter whether the water gets right to 100 or 110, who's going to check? It isn't like people are carrying a thermometer with them when they travel, right? ;-)

What's really funny is that I flew first class this year when I went out to San Fran... what a mistake that was... the old saying is true: ignorance is bliss!

Thank you both for the comments!


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