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January 31, 2007



I like to work with people who bring snacks to share with co-workers!

I really like your list, Jon. I've had occasion to work with groups of people with those qualities in the past, and it truly makes work a joy!

Christopher grove

Great list Jon!
I like to work with people who are willing to work with me (as in people who collaborate).

Actually, at the moment I've got a longer list of people I hate working with ;)
I l o v e my job at times...

But the positive, is that there are some people that I love working with!

Jon Strande

Mike, Yeah, sign me up for the snacks! Thank you, it is more of a wish list at this point in time... sadly.

Chris, sounds like we're in the same boat... I like your addition!


Jim Dudley

I like to work with people who like to work. (because most people don't)

yeah, you'll probably have to read that a few times to really get it.

Claire Hyland

Actually Jim, I think I may just get your point - it's really exciting to work with people who give as much a damn about a certain project as you do, who actualyl realise that there is a mountain of work to wade through, but they're still eager to just get on and do the job and kick some serious ass.

I also like to work with people who listen.

Oh, and people who have a sense of humour and can recognise that sometimes when the going gets tough it's OK to laugh can come work with me any day.

Jon Strande

Jim, I get it... and it is a great point!

Claire, I like to work with those type of people as well! Nothing is ever as bad as it first seems, right?

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