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February 08, 2007




You know the old saying "You can't make anything foolproof; fools are so ingenious"! In this case, if the system had a confirmation dialog when you clicked 'Add to dictionary' I would be okay with the items being together. After all, the ARE probably the two most logical and popular choices.

So will you be sharing that checklist?


P.S. Somebody from AMP hit my web site after Googling your name. Keep your eyes open, buddy!

Jon Strande


Yeah, great call! The confirmation box would be okay in this case... since there is no clear way to undo that action.

Yeah, I'll be sharing the checklist - if I ever get it done! ;-)


Mike B.

Sorry, I have to give a big thumbs-down to the confirmation dialog. How many other spell-checkers (or apps that contain them) require an extra click to add a word to the dictionary?

But I completely agree with Jon about the original problem. The options need to be arranged in such a way that it's just a little bit harder to click the wrong one by mistake. Another possibility might be to display a dialog initially, instead of a menu, the way many other apps do. This way, you can arrange, size, and label the options however you want, in 2 dimensions.

btw, I prefer the adage, "You can make it fool-proof, but you can't make it damn fool-proof!"

Jon Strande

Mike B, yeah, a confirmation dialog is not a great solution, they've got something pretty cool going by having the spell checker on the right click of the menu... so why can't they make that context sensitive menu better for this purpose? Why do they all look the same?

Great comment!

Thank you!


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