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June 30, 2007


Josh Viney

Great post on the iphone. Probably the best I've read so far, and we happen to agree on almost everything. I'm definitely not happy with not being able to manually sync, but other than that it's worth the money so far.

Btw I'm posting this from my iphone.

Jon Strande

Josh, thank you! I really appreciate that!

I just helped one of my wifes friends set up her Windows Vista computer... URGH! The comparison in setup between windows and the iPhone is night and day!

That is awesome that you replied with the iPhone, how cool is that?!?!?!


I feel sort of unworthy, posting this from a homebrew desktop running Windows 98, but I must agree with Josh in complementing you on a great review!

On the other hand, I am an AT&T subscriber, so you have my condolences in advance! LOL


P.S. Do feel free to post more frequently than every 45 days...

Jon Strande


Well, I wrote this post, and the subsequent comments, on a Windows XP laptop... so I'm right there with you. I'm also an existing AT & T customer, so I your condolences are appreciated.

As for the posting frequency, I'm working on it! :-)



Two friends of mine bought them, even changed to AT&T to get them. They've been really happy and the EDGE network keeps up for email and Google Maps as well. They do seem to be getting better speed here in LA than originally estimated. My experience with it is summed up as: very well done for what it does. But there is nothing for me to make me buy it. 8GB just isn't enough space for my music, and there is no killer app that would make me buy it. But then, there is no smart phone that I would pay these kinds of $$$ for. If you are into the smart phone feature set, this thing does it REALLY well, and does it in a really comforting way. The weight of it, the application responsiveness... it is all on spot. But for me, in the end, it is an iPod Nano with a phone that does email really well and the web browsing is fantastic. Not something I personally want. But man, it looks good and feels good. Only a few parts of the UI seem to be built inconsistently. One note, if they get some kind of GPS-like ability in there, this thing is waaaay cheaper than a Garmin Nuvi and the price for service is pretty good, especially the family plans and unlimited data.

Jon Strande


Thank you for the comment! Yeah, 8GB isn't quite enough space for me either. I've got well over 50 gigs of music, so this isn't enough for me to stop carrying my 80GB iPod... plus, I've started ripping a lot of DVDs using pqdvd.com, so my video library is quickly eclipsing the size of my music library. You put a couple of movies (1+ GB a piece) and that 8GB is quickly gone. I've been playing around with the wifes iPhone and it is sweet... It really makes my windows smart phone seem awkward. I hope that I've got the willpower to wait until the a larger capacity iPhone becomes available.


P.S. oh yeah, the whole thing about not being able to use my custom ring tone (having to purchase them) is a disappointment.


Hey Jon,

I am completely jealous! I'm trying to get my boss to get me one for "testing". ;o)

I just wrote a post about how I believe that the new iPhone is going to revolutionize mobile marketing. Take a look and feel free to add your comments now that you have one.



Jon Strande


Thank you for the comment! Yeah, I'm jealous as well... I should NEVER have given that phone to my wife! :-) I'm trying to talk my boss into subsidizing one for me as well... hey, as a usability professional, I need to understand this thing! ;-)

I'll check out your post!


Marc Orchant

Jon: sending this to you from my iPhone. You've captured much of the essential goodness that this impressive device offers. I was planning to hold out for the 2G version but my resolve weakened and I was sucked into the Reality Distortion Field by Saturday morning. I've already taken the iPhone on the road (quick trip to San Jose yesterday) and it performed beautifully in a number of WiFi zones and using the Edge network (slow but acceptable).

I hope your wife is generous and allows you to use her iPhone from time to time. ;^)

Jon Strande


Yeah, I've been sucked in as well... although it hasn't translated into a purchase, yet. The local stores are all out (it seems that demand is finally starting to surpass supply) so I'm going to have to wait to get my own.

I've been the designated demo-guy, so I get to play with it as people are asking to see it (and that is just about EVERYONE). People are amazed by it... not surprisingly.


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