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August 10, 2007




Answer to question one: How many people would have to reframe their reality to get an idea like this through the Big 3 sausage machine?

Answer to question two: See question one, but that's a good thing. Look at what ethanol subsidies are doing to food prices these days...


Jon Strande


For question 1 - GM has done some pretty progressive things, they did create that electric car I referenced above (the one that they got rid of), they created the Saturn Brand (which was different), and I'm sure that there are others. Now, why don't they take the corvette and switch it to an electric car, they could easily charge more for it.




Saturn was how long ago, and they needed to create a completely separate company to prevent "infection" from GM culture. Any company can innovate, but GM doesn't seem to do so on a regular basis. There's an interesting discussion between Laurence Haughton and another fellow over at Naked Strategy.



and it's related to the cyclical nature of car companies (in this case, Chrysler.

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