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June 25, 2008


Rich Hauck

So neither of your mail clients block images but allow you to download them? I guess I'm fortunate in using Entourage.

Jon Strande

Rich, both of my mail clients block images, and forces me to download them. Actually, my third mail client, my iPhone, just grabs the images and fully renders HTML email... graphics and all.

I don't want the images and am glad that my mail clients block them. My point is that given so many people using Outlook and Gmail, why do people depend on their message coming through correctly via images?


Michael Hahn

I have been using Claws email client on a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet for about a year and found it very customizable. I allow it to populate HTML emails with images directly. I'm not a cautious about the trojan images on the NIT as I would be with another system. It's just far enough outside of the normal world to allow me to do this. I also use spam assassin on my smtp MTA and custom filters built in Claws to minimize junk. It's still not as good as the spam filtering that Google has by default. This is just another slightly skewed vision of the electronic world. Please don't take me seriously

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