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July 02, 2008


Jim Dudley

Hey Jon! I totally think this is a great idea. Why not take it even farther, and have it automatically record (if you have a DVR) your "most watched" shows if you're not currently tuned to that station, or if the TV is not on? (you're away from home, etc). Then when you turn the TV on, it could ask you "You missed XXX show(s), would you like to watch it now?"
There is the issue of different people in the same household watching the same TV. (so just put a fingerprint sensor on the remote....... :)

Jon Strande

Jim, Hey there! Thank you so much!

Love the ideas! Great! I hadn't thought of the automatic recording, seems simple enough. The fingerprint idea is brilliant! I had thought about the multiple people in the house, however, requiring people to identify themselves would defeat the purpose, the fingerprint sensor is a brilliant way to solve that.

Christopher Grove

The automatic record idea is a great idea for the channels, because that would mean that the adverts get recorded as well. Then maybe some people wouldn't zap through them and may watch them...
I think the reason the cable companies (or the satelite TV or internet service providers who give TV as well over here in France) don't do it, is that they're still in the mass market model. When I turn on the tv and check out the guide, there's a list of the most watched shows to choose from before I can look at the rest of what's on. Myself, I usually don't like the mass market stuff (no matter what the media) so I avoid that option, but the fact that they do that shows that they don't want to go any further than that. I can't understand why... Then again, it's also a very French thing (album adverts on TV that tell me about the latest album by "your favourite artist"... NOT for me at all, etc).
Do you think the mass marketing strategies and tactics are still used simply out of laziness, or is there some other reason (lack of marketing talent...)?

Josh Neumann

Definitely like the idea of automatic recording, I also have about 2 or 3 channels I watch regularly (Discovery and History) and I generally only watch at certain hours each night. If it automatically recorded the earlier shows, I could have my choice. Keep the ideas flowing!

Nick Trendov


Persona provide implicit personalization and a simple tool to give you what you want.

Consider your behaviours of interaction and navigation in an environment and compare them with other behaviours that you exhibit in that same environment. This gives you two Persona masks. Now create to navigation maps for each and maybe an EASY BUTTON that you click to take you along one path of the other.

Why is this implicit?

Once it is set up you benefit the same way as getting on an elevator, no explicit climbing of stairs.

Now if you want to avoid any work at all have someone research behaviours to other people that have the same objectives in environments that interest you. Then access the same Persona EASY BUTTON available to them.

Will this fit you perfectly? Maybe but certainly a lot better than waiting around for someone to create your custom implicit behaviour solution.

Some other tools are at www.scenario2.com and look for the Story Lens.

I also found a scientist who gets it in Catalania, search for this pape-- Using Persona Descriptions as a Communication Tool in Interdisciplinary System Design

She also has a simple concept of creating data driven persona (implicit personalization) by rules rather than formulae.

Hope this helps.

Eric V

I would imagine that the cable/satellite companies do not implement this for several reason. The major reason is that your average consumer does not demand these types of features. Give it time, we will get there. After all, we got DVR service from Comcast and DirectTV. Oh, and when you get this service, it will cost you an extra $5/month for each TV.

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