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January 15, 2009



Okay, I need a jingle for specialty product. I'll do the lyrics; if you can do the catchy riff we're golden:

Farquar's, Farquar's gentle blend
One teaspoon, you're on the mend
Two teaspoons will make you soar,
Drink the bottlllle...
meet the floor!


Okay, the korg actually sounds kinda cool. Enjoy!

Jon Strande


Great lyrics! A little Twinkle Twinkle little star? :-)

Yeah, the korg is a lot of fun! I've actually been spending what little free time I have away from work on music, including writing a couple of tracks for work videos!!

Thank you!


KORG nano series

Awesome post, I really love the KORG nano series.
I played with the nanokey and it feels like a real keyboard, just smaller ;-)

I found them available for shipping in the United Kingdom at http://smeaudiosolutions.co.uk/actinic/Korg-nano-controllers.html


Sounds cool. I've yet to get a midi cord for my Yamaha, not that chopsticks sounds much better via garageband =)

Check yer mail - I stepped into the booth for farquar's


LOL!!! Yeah, chopsticks is just about to where I'm at... I got "Learn to play the Piano for the musically challenged" and I'm struggling with chapter 1. :-)

Cool, got it. Let give it a whirl!

Marc P. Goodman

Tight! I particularly like the lyrics by fuoro!

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